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Of recent the latest hot spot for real estate investment in the global market is the market in Turkey.  And the city that reflects this growth perfectly is Istanbul. The city settled cozily on the Mediterranean has tremendous beauty, efficient infrastructure, a booming Istanbul real estate to its credit. If you are looking for the right investment opportunity and have an inclination towards real estate investment then investing in real estate for sale in Istanbul is the right choice.

Istanbul Real Estate For Sale

Is Istanbul Real Estate Market The Most Trending Now?

All these advantages are not just limited to few cities but apply to all and more so to the Istanbul real estate. Istanbul is fast becoming the world’s financial epicenter considering the flourishing Turkish economy. Istanbul is also referred to as the ‘gateway’ between Europe and Asia and it is this proximity that is of prime attraction to the investors of Istanbul property.  Future projects like speedy trains, metros and strategic plans for the development of Istanbul offer huge potentials for the investors in the city. Istanbul offers great opportunities to investors by offering a sturdy construction sector, building world-class homes at the most affordable rates.

Even though there is a sluggishness in the world market, this global crisis seems to have skipped the Istanbul real estate, the local markets have remained resilient to the global slowdown. Where the whole of Turkey has seen a 21% increase in the real estate sector, a 15% augmentation in the registration of Istanbul properties was seen. The belief that real estate is the best investment option has contributed to this increase effectively and Istanbul has effectually carved a niche for itself as far as premier investments are concerned.

Istanbul properties are good investment options as it offers investors increasingly attractive rental returns and substantial capital appreciation especially the properties for sale in Istanbul. The proximity of the city to the capital, the sea and the spectacular view from all vantage points and its infrastructure and construction advantages add to the lure of property for sale in Istanbul.

After 2004, the country started gaining the attention of investors especially foreigners as the Turkey markets were thrown open to foreign investments. And more so after 2012, when the law of reciprocity was removed. The law stated that only those foreign nationals could buy property in Turkey if their homeland allowed Turkish nationals to do so. After that there was no looking back, the market is now basking in the limelight of the global real estate investments.

The key policies of Turkey regarding mortgage securitization and access structure works towards minimizing the downturn risks. The Turkish real estate market has matured successfully over the last decade and this can be easily attributed to the positive socio-economic fundamentals as well as the excessive optimism regarding its markets.

How You Can Buy Property In Istanbul With Much Lower Cost

Looking for a spacious home or a villa or does an apartment suit you fine. Just outline your needs for real estate in Istanbul and we have all the solutions ready for you. Homes in the city or away from the hustle bustle, with a view of the sea or near the metro, you just name it we got it!! We have a strong database, extensive knowledge, the right knack to tap the local Istanbul real estate projects for your requirements and an assurance that we can satisfy you on all grounds. We assure you of safe and secure deals with all titles clear and hassle free properties. is renowned as providers of highest levels of services with projects of fine quality and optimum investment potential. Our well-built network ensures that you get the most favorable prices and terms compared with those in the industry. provides with all information related to real estate for sale in Istanbul or even if you are looking for prospective buyers of Istanbul property. So just a click on and you can be the beaming owner of the most coveted property.

Why Choose Turkey?

Turkey has succeeded in becoming the 17th largest economy in the world and the 6th largest economy in Europe. Along with being a well-known tourist destination – it ranks 6th in the world, it is also the 7th most attractive investment market in Europe after Paris, Moscow, London, Milan, Madrid. Strategically placed Turkey has undergone a profound economic transformation over the decade, with its existing potential and ambitious targets. The country has undergone extensive urban renewal and development, a large capacity and strength in the construction sector, population growth, demographic advantage and the ease of doing business. With rich culture and heritage to its credit and the natural beauty, it is not difficult to see why foreigners investors take a special interest in the country.

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We are a premier company in Istanbul real estate sector and a trustworthy choice between reputable developers and home buyers.

Whether you’re looking for property for sale in Istanbul or for rent, we provide you professional business solutions you require.

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We offer our clients a wealth of business services regarding all aspects of purchasing or selling a home. Our team will be helping you with complete Istanbul real estate solutions.

We have an entire service package for you. Our service includes property visit, legal procedure follow-up, property management and resale management. Briefly, you will not face with any hassle from beginning to the end at your property buying and selling experience in Istanbul.

Your another advantage with us is our comprehensive Istanbul real estate projects. We have a dedicated team who take care of sourcing properties for sale in the city centre and suburban. Your property search criteria is very important for us and our team will do the best to find what you are looking for.

Please contact us for property visits and we will pick you up from your hotel to show our properties

While committing to buy real estate, you should consider the additional charges such as title deed tax, v.a.t , notary public costs, etc. At this point, we help you to save money by offering our  0% commission company policy.  The reason is that we have agreement with developers, home owners and we charge from them. Our company priority is to find an ideal investment,  secure our clients and finalize the deal on their behalf.

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